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The Tinsley Towers Trust was formed this year in another attempt to save Sheffield’s landmark Cooling Towers from demolition, to preserve them as part of our cultural and industrial heritage, to develop their potential in culture, education and tourism and to create jobs in the area.

Tinsley Cooling Towers

2006 - The Big Art Project

The 'Save our Towers' campaign started in 2006, when the Cooling Towers were short listed by Channel 4's Big Art Project that aimed at turning them into a major piece of art.

Big Art Project, BBC news

2007 - Design Competition

Thereafter, Groundwork Sheffield and the Royal Institute of British Architects organised a professional design competition that attracted entries from all over the world.

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The Tinsley Project
2008 - The Tinsley Project

This year, the Tinsley Towers Trust was formed to adapt past submissions, engage in negotiations and develop a business concept that establishes common grounds.

Tinsley Study, Tinsley Project, Tinsley Lift
What are the facts?

Unfortunately, E.ON continues to reject concepts that include the Towers despite all efforts made by the campaign. While the company argues that the structures are unsafe, that the public want them down and that a biomass plant would be built in their place, nothing of it has been proven true.


The Tinsley Cooling Towers are our heritage

English Heritage wrote (ref) that the Towers, built in 1938, are the oldest surviving hyperbolic Cooling Towers in the UK and that their prominence provides a visual indication of the former scale and importance of Sheffield’s steel industry.

They are sound and in remarkably good shape

Consultant, James Croll, found (ref) that they are structurally sound and in remarkably good shape. He estimated that an investment of £0.5 million could extend their working lives for a further twenty years or even longer.
Three quarters of the public want them saved

The BBC online poll established (ref) that three quarters of the public want them saved. This makes more than half a million supporters in Sheffield and Rotherham alone. E.ON's own poll was flawed by a mix-up of criteria.
E.ON's biomass plant is unfeasible

Sheffield Council stated (ref/p18-30) that there is insufficient fuel available for a major biomass plant and no need for heat in the area. Our study (ref/p9) came to the same conclusion. Cenex (ref/p8-3) considers biomass unsustainable.
E.ON's motives

E.ON admits that the layout of their proposed plant does not conflict with the location of the Towers, but states: "before the E.ON site can be developed the cooling towers need to be demolished. This will leave a clean and level site capable of development for a wide range of uses." (ref/p3-1)

Tinsley Cooling Towers
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Tinsley Cooling Towers
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The Tinsley Towers are three times stronger than those built to current standards. They stand 17 metres away from the M1 viaduct that serves 100,000 vehicles a day. Maintenance work of the viaduct took three years and has cost us £82 million. So why risk a demolition for no good reason?


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Our online petition already counts more than 4200 signatures. Please join the list and oppose E.ON's plans to demolish our much-loved and well-known landmark Cooling Towers.

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